Digital Filmmaking

One of the more radical developments in filmmaking is that you can start a film without any premise or idea of where the story is going. A filmmaker can make a feature film within a one week beginning to end crunch schedule while relying upon inexperienced crew.

Working like this wasn’t possible with 35mm film. But with the creation of HD producing a feature has become far less expensive.

Now a producer can jump in to making a feature film and achieve amazing success

In December of 2004 I began leading a workshop in digital filmmaking. I decided the best choice would be to have the students create their own film.

Of course, the big production questions loomed . Will the students know how to shoot? How would the varying skills of the class mesh when trying to make a feature?

I decided to act on faith and went for it. I wondered how effective my no script approach would resonate with the students.

The team produced a 10 minute film called Silicon Slick J. Shizzle and I have to say it is the funniest short film I’ve ever seen . It may not be the best produced and the sound is a little off but the students learned way more than if I was just lecturing.

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